As I am celebrating twenty years of my photographic career I’d like to offer you a Special Edition Print Sale in collaboration with Galerija Fotografija.  All photos are part of my latest series PLAN B which I have been creating with an award-winning journalist Boštjan Videmšek for the last four years.

PLAN B tells a story about pioneers in a fight against climate change and offers an extensive collection of innovative sustainable development solutions.

Fifty special edition signed prints, size 33cm x 33cm are available at a sale price of 100€ until December 31, 2020.

Print sale goal is to cover the production costs for the next PLAN B chapters and to continue searching for new sustainable solutions which will make a significant contribution to carbon-free society and circular economy.

PLAN B - How Not to Lose Hope in the Times of Climate Crisis

All around the globe people are refusing to accept the dismal future of an overheated planet. This is a story about the trailblazers of sustainable energy and how they are transforming their own societies and inspiring others to follow suit.

Four years ago award-winning journalist Boštjan Videmšek and I decided to start a new project focusing on world’s climate crisis – on our fight against the horrible consequences of human-made climate crisis as the most important, crucial frontline of humanity; of our time.

After an extensive research, we started our long journey, looking for the best community-driven solutions around the world.
Project PLAN B is a collection of the most promising projects in the fight against our climate crisis.

Instead of repeating figures and spewing forth yet more apocalyptic forecasts, Boštjan and I decided to highlight the communities and individuals who are bravely taking on the calamity. It is high time to add them all up, the members of the homo sapiens true elite who have chosen not to be swept away in the tide of indifference and arrogance, the visionary women and men who are not banking on miraculous salvation from elsewhere.

Our ambition has been to turn this project into a monument for these intrepid foot-soldiers on humanity’s key front line, the ones who are amassing the knowledge, experience and technology we will need if we are to have a prayer at all.

From Tilos, the first energy self-sufficient island in the Mediterranean, to the geothermal and thoroughly future-oriented Iceland. From the promising sea-power developments on the Orkney Islands in the north-east of Scotland where surplus energy is already being converted into ‘green’ hydrogen, to the biomass-centred Austrian townlet of Güssing, whose inhabitants took the progressive route as far back as a quarter of a century ago, and who have by now managed to reinvent themselves as a key hub for the development and production of renewable-energy technology.

So here they all are, humbly requesting your consideration. From the Swiss-based Climeworks company, capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air to inject it into Iceland’s underworld, to a number of self-sufficient Scandinavian villages and Iceland’s holistic transformation. From the lithium constantly travelling between Bolivian salt flats and Chinese electric-car factories to the electric-mobility revolution in Norway. From the waste-incineration plant in Norway that plans to store the captured CO₂ in underwater caves, to one of the world’s biggest and most ambitious energy project ITER, where 35 nations are literally “Building the Sun” on Earth, to all the individuals and communities who are standing behind these projects, raising their voices to remind us that we must hold on to our hopes at all costs.

Theirs – and ours – is an exceptionally difficult task. But if we all don’t rise to the occasion, it is sure to be our last chance.

Photograph are printed on HAHNEMUHLE 300g archive museum grade acid free paper at a professional photo lab.


You took time to take a look at my project and I’m happy you did.
Feel free to write to me, ask a question, comment, or share the project with people you care about.

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